hold yourself closer

jan-21 | #foxfield #selkirk #scottishborders
#contemplativephotography #conceptualphotography #abstractphotography #paintingwithlight #softfocus #macro #visualpoetry #visualhaiku #womenofpower

“I am thinking of how I’ve been talking about mental health for so long now, I am thinking of how I intentionally created women who looked like me, with names like mine; with histories like mine. I am thinking of why I did it, what broke inside me to create this powerful voice I have. Something has to break in us, something has to give. I am thinking of how cold this year might have been to many, how our bones felt loneliness and tried our best to hide it. How many are unearthing traumas without the necessary tools to deal with it. I’m thinking of heartbreaking and loss. Of love that rots, when you can only sit and weep because nothing makes sense.
“I am thinking of the process of beginning again, how many loves you can give yourself. I am thinking of how many people woke up today and decided that despite it all, they will add another day. I am thinking of those who decided not to and how that doesn’t make them any less brave.
“I am thinking of love; how many ache for what was. How not been given it from your own family can leave you grieving for years. I’m thinking of how many continue stifling who they are, who they love and what they truly want to be. I am thinking of how the culture of silence harms. How defying the culture of silence can be a privilege only a few can afford.
“I am thinking of how honey heals wounds. How the sun finds its way into the sky after the night. But sometimes, it is too weak to shine. You are still the sun even in your despair. I am thinking of how the night can bring us closer to who we are. I am thinking of how we have to be soft to our wounds.
“Hold yourself closer; this year has broken so many.”
Ijeoma Umebinyguo


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